Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dot jot SIFE

Hi! Pinky here!

On the 2nd of June 2009, Joe & Clement came to our class to talk to us about some more sustainability stuff.

Here are my dot jot notes.

  • They did the "apple exersize"
  • First they took away half of the aplle and told us that it was the water.
  • Then he cut 3/4 of it and said that it was deserts, snow E.T.C..
  • He had only 1/32nd of the earth left that could be planted on.
  • Little things make a big difference.
  • Some people made a car out of "holilactic acid' (corn kiwifruit skins and other starchy stuff)
  • There are places in N.Z where you can $ buy $ worms. Shredded paper is betgter in a worm farm N.Z has 60 open landfills and 1000 closed ones.
  • NO CITRUS IN WORM FARMS!!!!!!! It takes . . . . . .
  • 25 months for paper to break down
  • 5 years for a milk carton to break down
  • 10 years for a ciggarete
  • 100 years for a tin can
  • 200-500 years for a beer can!
I wrote WAY more notes but I can't write them because I have to do a LOT of more things. (homework)

Thanks for reading!


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