Monday, May 25, 2009

Our group!!!! It Rocks!!!!!

Hi! Pinky here!

In our group there are

Midnight baloney


Unknown seeker

Queenbead (maybe)

and one other person that we cant find yet.

Wish us luck!


My "Survival kit"

Hi! Pinky here!

I need to have a few things at the Matai islands. Without them I will not survive very well. I also need to know few things. Like how to light fire or build a shelter.

We are going to get into groups and discuss how we will survive!

Wish us luck!


Horticulture info! ! ! ! !

Hi! Pinky here!

I have some more info on my job as a horticulturist.

  • I study and crop/plant different foods.
  • I pick the foods when they are ready.
  • I study "companion planting" which is studying what plants go well or unwell together.
  • I choose where the plants should be planted E.G which plants grow better in the sun or the dark.
I like my job beecause it is REALLY important. Basically without me everyone else will not have any food!!!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Economics/ supply and demand.

Hi! Pinky here!

Right now we are in the I.C.T suite and we are learning about supply and demand.

While studying economics we were talking about the "supply" and 'demand" of goods. Goods are material things like bycicles,Cds, cellphones or cars or houses. Services are things that you need to have done, like car washes, house cleaning or golf lessons. We also studied the "relationship" between the consumer and the producer.

The consumer is kind of like the customer and the producer is the one who sells the goods or services.As you can see in this graph, we studied the Equilibrium point. The Equilibruim point is when both the supply and the demand are at a equal spot. As shown in green.

When the quantity of the goods is large. The producer usually lowers the prices
so that the consumers will buy more of them. However if a famous celebrity or someone who makes a big influence on us, sugests a certain brand game or item. The producer puts the price up because the consumer doesn't mind paying as much because the good is "popular".

I used the information from this site to form my opinion

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hi! Pinky here!

We woodmonstas have been given a new assignment!

Our task is to create a presentation on our career on the Matai islands. We can do it with a slideshow, speech, pictures e.t.c.

I think I am probably going to create a slideshow and do a speech about my job while the slideshow is on.

It is going to be fun!!

Wish me luck!


Whoops! Sorry everyone!!!!

Hi! Pinky here!

I'm afraid there has been a miss understanding with my job! My job has been swapped to something else seeing as there is not much need for a zooligist at this very moment on the island. I have decided to be A HORTICULTURIST!

Basically what I do is plant the food, fruit or veges for all of us here on the Matai islands. I also collect all of the crops that I have just planted. I think my job is VERY importanat and I Loooooove it!


Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on my job as a zoologist.

Hi! Pinky here!

I have a bit more info on my job on the island as a "zoologist".

Lions, tigers and bears are three of the many thousands of animal species that zoologists study. They research all aspects of animal life, including where animals live and how they interact with their surroundings. Sounds cool dosen't it?! A zoologist studies or works with animal life, its origins, characteristics, life processes, behavior, evolution and relationship with other organisms. Phew! That was a mouthful!

In general, all zoology specializations involve work with animals, either in the wild or in a evil lab! Mwah ha ha! Just jokes!

A zoologist is kind of like a vet. Except that a vet looks after animals when they are sick but a zoologist just studies them.

So I hope I do a good job!

Wish me luck! Pinky.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What IS an eco-house?

Hi! Pinky here!

Today I am talking about the eco-house that we are going to have on the Matai islands.

A lot of peopleare just building houses willy-nilly not even focusing on how their house is actually energy efficient. So I am going to help. I am going to describe some eco-friendly things you should probably have in your house and why.

Here is a really helpful website that has a lot of different eco-friendly resources and ideas.

Here are a few subjects I am going to be talking about.

  • solar water heating.

  • Energy efficient lightbulbs.

I would talk abou more but I don't have enough time. SORRY!

"Solar water heating"

A solar water system absorbs the rays from the sun and shoots them back through the house Solar panels are usually located on the roof of the house. This is because the sun rises and usually shines down not across. The suns rays that the solar panel has collected usually shines down directly or indirectly (depending on the system) to the water stored in the hot water cylinder.

Obviously the sun is not always shining. So when the sun has set a "back up" system kicks in. The back up system is usually powered by either eleteric, gas or wetback. A solar hot water system consists of three main parts:

  • The solar hot water collecter which is located on the roof as I said before.

  • A hot water tank which can be found in either the ground of also on the roof.

  • And last but not least pumps and a controller.

How they work:
Solar hot water systems are either closed loop or open-loop systems

This is a closed loop system.

This is an open loop system

See if you can tell the difference.

These solar hot water heaters are good because they . . . . . . .

Cut household water heating bills by up to 50–75%
Reduced environmental impact
System pays for itself in energy savings
Makes an energy-efficiency statement

They are also very safe.

Energy efficient lighbulbs.

We've all seen those little lightbulbs that look curly. I have! Those light bulbs are really helpful. Energy efficient lightbulbs are good because they use less enbergy hense saving more money but still make the same amount of light. So why WOULDN'T you wnat them? They are just the same as normal lighbulbs but better!
Once again sorry I couldn't write more I only had a few minutes to write this!
There will be more info soon!
Thanks for reading! Pinky.

I am a . . . . . . . . . . . .


Yay! I finally found a job. ( I personally think that it is the best job!). Basically I study the animals on the island and yeah.

I like my job and I am glad that I finally found one!



Help! I have no idea what career choice I want to take up on the Matai island.

I wanted to be an architect but apparantly we already have one. I also wnated to be a vet but we also already have one.

If you have any ideas for me could you comment and tell me?

Thanks, Pinky.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Matai island eco-classroom

Hi! Pinky here!

Toaday I observed on of my peeps creating an eco-classroom on google sketchup and so I decided to do one. One probem. It wouldn't install on my laptop so I am going to do it during class. I think it will be really complicated. But I can tell it will be awesome!