Monday, June 15, 2009

Diary entry #4

Hi! Pinky here!

Here are some eco-friendly things that I have done today.

  • I didn't use my electric blanket.
  • I had a short shower.
  • I helped wash the dishes and only used a little bit of water in the sink.
  • I was in charge of putting the plastic bottles in the recyling bin.
  • I turned off all of our electric appliances instead of putting them on standby.

See you later!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dairy entry #3

Hi! Pinky here!


I have just found out that fires are one of the worst polluters!



I have learnt now, and I will be doing some extra eco-friendly stuff tomorrow!!!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diary entry #2

Hi! Pinky here!

Dear diary tody to improve my "eco-friendly image" Have done ALL these things read 'em and tell me what you think!

  • I had yet ANOTHER two minute shower. WHOOP WHOOP!
  • I told dad to light the fire ( and he did! )
  • We didn't use our heat pump!
  • I opened the window RELLY WIDE during my two minute shower ( WHOOP WHOOP) so I wouldn't have to use my dehumidifier as much!
  • I told off my sister for turning on her electric blanket and secretly turned it back off (hee hee hee!).
  • I put all of the plastic bottles that my sister ( again, my sister, Is something wrong with her?) "accidently" put in the normal bin and placed them in the recycling bin.
  • When my sister (AGAIN, my sister!!!!) was about to throw away a practically empty peice of paper because she had "used it up", I said " STOP GIRL, (in a slang voice) YOU NEED TO REUSE THAT!!! SAVE TREES!!!).

I am really proud that I have done SO MANY things tonight and I wish myself luck for tommorow night. Or in spanish

Buena suerte maƱana! ( good luck tommorow!)

Thanks for reading!


My island group

I am going to plan what my island is going to look like.

So I am going to use my creative skills to draw it up and post it here.



Diary entry.

Hi! Pinky here!

This is my eco-diary entry for tonight.

Dear Eco-diary, Tonight I made sure that I helped the environment A LOT!!!

Here are the things I did.

  • I had a TWO MINUTE shower!

  • I didn't use my electric blanket, I put on an extra blanket instead.

  • I turned off the tap while I brushed my teeth.

  • I had my dad light the fire instead of turning on our heat pump.

  • I read longer instead of watching the T.V.

So that's what I have done tonight, and I am DEFININTLY going to do more tomorrow!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi! Pinky here!

I am going to be starting a diary RIGHT HERE about my progress of trying to reduce my "carbon footprint"

Here are some of my ideas that i am thinking about doing

  • Buying reusable bags from the supermarket instead of those plastic ones.
  • Turning the taps off while I am brushing my teeth.
  • Taking 3-5 minute showers
  • Instead of playing on the computer, play station E.T.C I will maybe read a book.
  • Instead of using an electric blanket I will just put on another blanket over top.
  • When I am cold I will put on another jersey or put on the fire instead of turning on an electric appliance.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dot jot SIFE

Hi! Pinky here!

On the 2nd of June 2009, Joe & Clement came to our class to talk to us about some more sustainability stuff.

Here are my dot jot notes.

  • They did the "apple exersize"
  • First they took away half of the aplle and told us that it was the water.
  • Then he cut 3/4 of it and said that it was deserts, snow E.T.C..
  • He had only 1/32nd of the earth left that could be planted on.
  • Little things make a big difference.
  • Some people made a car out of "holilactic acid' (corn kiwifruit skins and other starchy stuff)
  • There are places in N.Z where you can $ buy $ worms. Shredded paper is betgter in a worm farm N.Z has 60 open landfills and 1000 closed ones.
  • NO CITRUS IN WORM FARMS!!!!!!! It takes . . . . . .
  • 25 months for paper to break down
  • 5 years for a milk carton to break down
  • 10 years for a ciggarete
  • 100 years for a tin can
  • 200-500 years for a beer can!
I wrote WAY more notes but I can't write them because I have to do a LOT of more things. (homework)

Thanks for reading!


Architecture presentation.

Hi! Pinky here !

Yesterday ( Wednesday 3rd) Kris Wilson, an architect. Kris told us about a lot of helpful things that would really help us with our island.

I took a few notes using the "Dot Jot" method.

Here they are.

  • They build mainly houses, but sometimes kindergartens, restaurants, and office blocks.
  • Sustainable housing, is only one sort of housing, there are a lot more different types.
  • He hopes to have sustainability housing get more and more popular.
  • Most buildings take about 4-6 months to make but can last from 50 minimum-200 years.
  • Most non sustainable houses make lots of CO2 (BAD BAD BAD)
  • Sometimes you have to weigh up wether or not it is worthwhile to use a bit of CO2 in order to build a sustainable house.
  • You should use local resources.
  • It is not good to use resources that have been shipped and driven around th world, which uses a lot of CO2.
  • Timber grows fast and is easy to build with.
  • You should look at the life span of the product for example steel lasts longer than timber, but is it easier to build with?
  • Using the sun for energy is "healthy" it is called "passive solar design"
  • Het pumps are generally more efficient.
  • Large concrete walls/floors are great for trapping heat inside the house.
  • Ventillation stops moisture and heats your home during the winter.
  • Cladding is better at stopping wet weather from getting in.
  • Builders used to just throw all of their rubbish in a big skip, bu now we are getting better and better at recycling MOST of our materials.
  • Concrete can be crushed and reused.
  • "grey water systems are good for saving water, the water from your shower, comes down to your toilet and it gets flushed down "when you are ready" (EWW)!
  • "You should use "restricted flow' Taps which only let out a certain amount of water each time you turn it on.
  • Most people think Manmade = BAD Natural = GOOD But that is not ALWAYS the case!
  • Steel is 100% recyclable!
  • Sustainable buildings don't have to look "different".
  • They can look EXACTLY like yours.
  • Solar modelling is GOOD!
  • Small is good.
  • Houses don't have to be big!
    They can be small, and comfy.
  • Sun shines from the north.
  • Double glazed windows are good beacause it doesn't let the heat out!
  • In winter the sun is really high.
  • In summer the sun is lower.
  • Wind often comes from the south.
  • Low windows on the south side of the building is good for letting cold air in if it is a hot day!
  • The more insulation the better!
  • Wider walls are goosd because they foit more insulation.
  • Solar panels should face the north.
  • Solar panels catch the sun, the heat heats up a box of water on the roof, HEATED WATER!
  • Wetbacks heat water then the water comes around the fire and heats it!
  • Hanging lights are better than the other type, because some people cut the insulation out where the light is and the heat escapes out there.
  • Pine is not resistent ro mould E.T.C.
  • Douglas fir is good because it is denser, but it grows slower.
  • They make good christmas trees!
  • Macracarpa trees are good for building.
For more go to Kris WIlson's website

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Homework. Again.

Hi! Pinky here!

I am going to present my horticulture speech soon! I think that it will be either on thursday or friday!

I am so excited! I like speaking in front of people (public speaking).

Wish me luck!