Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Architecture presentation.

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Yesterday ( Wednesday 3rd) Kris Wilson, an architect. Kris told us about a lot of helpful things that would really help us with our island.

I took a few notes using the "Dot Jot" method.

Here they are.

  • They build mainly houses, but sometimes kindergartens, restaurants, and office blocks.
  • Sustainable housing, is only one sort of housing, there are a lot more different types.
  • He hopes to have sustainability housing get more and more popular.
  • Most buildings take about 4-6 months to make but can last from 50 minimum-200 years.
  • Most non sustainable houses make lots of CO2 (BAD BAD BAD)
  • Sometimes you have to weigh up wether or not it is worthwhile to use a bit of CO2 in order to build a sustainable house.
  • You should use local resources.
  • It is not good to use resources that have been shipped and driven around th world, which uses a lot of CO2.
  • Timber grows fast and is easy to build with.
  • You should look at the life span of the product for example steel lasts longer than timber, but is it easier to build with?
  • Using the sun for energy is "healthy" it is called "passive solar design"
  • Het pumps are generally more efficient.
  • Large concrete walls/floors are great for trapping heat inside the house.
  • Ventillation stops moisture and heats your home during the winter.
  • Cladding is better at stopping wet weather from getting in.
  • Builders used to just throw all of their rubbish in a big skip, bu now we are getting better and better at recycling MOST of our materials.
  • Concrete can be crushed and reused.
  • "grey water systems are good for saving water, the water from your shower, comes down to your toilet and it gets flushed down "when you are ready" (EWW)!
  • "You should use "restricted flow' Taps which only let out a certain amount of water each time you turn it on.
  • Most people think Manmade = BAD Natural = GOOD But that is not ALWAYS the case!
  • Steel is 100% recyclable!
  • Sustainable buildings don't have to look "different".
  • They can look EXACTLY like yours.
  • Solar modelling is GOOD!
  • Small is good.
  • Houses don't have to be big!
    They can be small, and comfy.
  • Sun shines from the north.
  • Double glazed windows are good beacause it doesn't let the heat out!
  • In winter the sun is really high.
  • In summer the sun is lower.
  • Wind often comes from the south.
  • Low windows on the south side of the building is good for letting cold air in if it is a hot day!
  • The more insulation the better!
  • Wider walls are goosd because they foit more insulation.
  • Solar panels should face the north.
  • Solar panels catch the sun, the heat heats up a box of water on the roof, HEATED WATER!
  • Wetbacks heat water then the water comes around the fire and heats it!
  • Hanging lights are better than the other type, because some people cut the insulation out where the light is and the heat escapes out there.
  • Pine is not resistent ro mould E.T.C.
  • Douglas fir is good because it is denser, but it grows slower.
  • They make good christmas trees!
  • Macracarpa trees are good for building.
For more go to Kris WIlson's website

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