Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai Islands "jobs"

Hi! Pinky here!

We have to think up of all the jobs that we need to have on our island in order to, um, how do I put this, SURVIVE!!!!!

  • Interior decorators

We need interior decorators to design the insides of our houses and buildings. Without them our houses would practically be empty.

  • A landscape designer

I think we need a landscape designer incase we decide to build a house somewhere but the lansd needs to be flattened first. Or maybe If we want to "bling" the backyards of our Eco-Friendly houses.

  • A plumber

We need a plumber on our island incase we have a leak in our pipes or something.

  • grocers

We need "supermarket people" The ones who sell us the products from the farmers and all of the other stuff like energy-efficient lightbulbs.

  • builders

Duh!!! We need a builder to build our houses and our classes and the other essential building that we CANNOT live without.

  • Architects

Obviously there is no use having a builder if there are no houses to build! We need an architect to help design all of our Eco-Friendly houses and buildings.

  • A few farmers.

We need a few farmers to help, Um, farm? If we need fertiliser for our plants the farmers will need to "get to work" gathering all of the fertilisers. Another example is food. The farmers could dig up gardens and grow vegetables and fruit.

  • A mayor

We need a mayor to help make all of the important decisions at the Matai islands. If we need permission to build a new house we go to the mayor, if we wnat to go on a hike, we would ask the mayor. The mayor is kind of like the teacher at a school the "leader".

  • "The Board"

The board is kind of like the "council" at our school. They help the mayor make his or her decisions. They are kind of like the mayors assistants bevause the mayor has to ask for their opinion before going ahead with the decision.

  • Doctors

We need a doctor for our "Boo-Boo's" If we fall over and break our arm we go to the doctor if we get a eally bad innury we go to the doctor. It kind of goes without saying that we need a doctor.

  • Nurses

We also need a nurse. A nurse would tend to the minor injuries like, scratches or minor burns. Or take a look at the patients with bad injuries while the doctor is busy.

  • Police officers

We need some authority in our town. If someone steals something we need proof! So police officers o help us prove things. Also if someone does something illegal we need them in "Kids Jail"

  • Courier

If the mayor, teachers, police, officers, or someone else need sto send you a letter we need the Courier people to ride around delivering.

  • Proffesional sports players

GOLF!!! (I love golf) If people want to go to different islands to play people in different kinds of sports then they can earn a LOT of money for the island. (and themselves)

  • Pilots

If we need to travel to diffenent places we would need a pilot to take us.

  • Scientists

We need scientists at our island to invent different things that we can use

  • LOTS MORE!!!'

If you have any other Ideas please comment and tell me! Thanks!


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