Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai island essentials

Hi! Pinyky here!

In class today we were talking about what we would take to "Matai island" If we were going toliv there for one year ( we were only allowed to think up the essential thingsnthat we would need).

So here is my list of "essentials"

  1. Recycling bins ( 25-30 of them).
  2. Books, pencil case with pencils dictionary ( basically all of the stuff we have at school now).
  3. Building materials.
  4. Food!!!
  5. Clothing
  6. Bedding
  7. Our parents if we wanted to be party-poopers!!! ( don't bring your parents) ha ha
  8. Us!!!!
  9. And uhhh . . . . . . Our permission slips LOL!
  10. OPTIONAL: GOLF CLUBS!!!!!!! I will definitely be bringing mine!!!

Why such a little list you say? Well, if we were truly an Eco-friendly island then we would "make"or "grow" all of our other stuff ( Using recyclable materials of course!)

Thanks for reading!


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